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Now it's easy and convenient to monitor radiation exposure, and to give you and your staff peace of mind. X-rays used in dentistry are generally lower in radiation than those used in other medical fields. Despite the lower dose, radiation exposure is cumulative, comprising an occupational hazard for dental hygienists and technicians who administer x-rays on a regular basis. It's important to be aware of the risks of radiation exposure and take steps to limit that exposure.

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Know Your Exposure Now with Instadose®+ Dosimetry

Prolonged exposure to dental X-rays can pose a health risk for patients as well as providers. Evidence shows that even multiple low-dose exposures can lead to health problems. The Instadose+ dosimeter provides on-demand dose data that takes the guesswork out of knowing if and how much radiation you've been exposed to.

3 Ways to Know if Your
Dental Office is Using
X-rays Safely

We presume that dental offices are safe. In fact, with state-of-the-art equipment, clean facilities, and staff trained on the latest and best practices, we expect nothing less. But you may be surprised to learn that your radiography practices may not be as safe as you think. Here are three questions to ask...

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Cumulative Effects of Radiation on Staff and Patients 

While the overall risk of developing cancer due to dental or other medical X-rays is extremely low, it is not excluded. To minimize the risk for both patients and staff, dental offices should be aware of the effects of radiation and consider these precautions.

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