Account Management Program. 

FAST. EASY. SECURE. Online Account Management.

Manage all the elements of your radiation monitoring program online, anytime, from anywhere with the AMP+ online program.

WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH the AMP+ online program?


Anytime, anywhere access to appropriate profile, location, device, wearer, and report information with three accessibility levels that put you in complete control.

  1. Account Administrator (all account functions)
  2. Location Administrator (location-specific account functions)
  3. Wearer (wearer-specific functions)


  • View and change only what you are authorized to access.
  • Current and historical dose data at your fingertips.
  • Changes made online are immediately effective.
  • Get support materials—including tutorials, FAQs, system IT requirements, and technical information—whenever you need them.


Easy Set-Up…
Account/Location Administrators activate dosimeters, add wearers and assign dosimeters online.

Easy Management…
Account Administrators can access and manage account administrative features for all devices, locations, wearers, and data/reports.
Location Administrators can access and manage devices, wearers, and data/reports for their assigned location only.
Wearers can access and manage their individual information, assigned device, and data/reports for their dosage history only.

AMP+ Account Manager Screen

Learn More

Download the Mobile App Guide for Wearers below

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Download the Instadose Mobile App Guide for Admins below

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Download the AMP+ brochure to learn more about anytime, anywhere access to online account information.

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Download this guide to understanding your dosimetry account.

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Download this guide to better understand your exposure report.

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